In my previous post I started the discussion around home decoration and preparations for coming festivities. Unfortunately for some and fortunately for shopaholics like me :),  it's hardly feasible to get through celebrations without spending some money! This year most of my expenditures will be probably on food and presents because over the years I managed to accumulate quite a lot of Christmas decorations and with twins arrival I am trying to "enjoy" somewhat more frugal lifestyle. But with my acute shopaholism that's a rather challenging task :) , hence I am still allowing myself few small treats.


Like, for example, these adorable paper baubles I bought on sale on Amazon. I got plenty of Christmas tree decorations, but was looking for something more suitable for my home plants. And these fit the bill perfectly: they are lightweight not to damage or bring down plant branches and of lovely neutral colors to suit all my room interiors. 


The pack got 12 baubles and it was more than enough for all of my plants. Doesn't my "bonsai" tree look lovely in those? I am pretty sure I will be able to reuse them for some other occasions too, maybe, birthday next time?

Speaking about trees decorations. How do you dress your Christmas tree? I am not sure if there is any science to the Christmas tree decoration. But watching some in-store installations and noting really great ideas, I made up the following rules for myself:

- Choose one color scheme. I am more into traditional color combinations, hence my current theme is "Red and Gold".  So I was trying to buy most of tree decorations and baubles in these colors. I am still allowed some color deviations, but those should not exceed 10% of the overall decor.

- Get several centerpoint pieces ("Talking Points" again!). These can be pieces of memorabilia or really expensive designer baubles. Those get prominent position on the tree. I have some pieces from TK Maxx and some pieces from my multiple trips around the globe.


- Get a set of decorations which would create a generic background or "noise" for your tree. I got my red and gold sets from Primark for couple of quids and am really happy with those.

Christmas tree lights on

- Unless you are really into the modern or abstract art, I believe, a tree should have some homemade traditional feel to it too. So, I achieve this with the home made orange decorations I covered in my previous post and a really lovely straw decoration set I got from Lidl ages ago! 

- And, finally, a magic touch - I cover my tree with some angel hair and switch on the lights! What can be compared to the coziness of the Christmas tree lights?  The moment the lights go on, the holidays really start for me. No matter how busy I am, I always find time for my tree :)

So, my tree is sorted out, what about other areas to cover? I guess, my kids room is decorated in all their toys and clothing already :) there is really not much space left for anything else. Maybe, the stairs to the utility area of my flat?

Take a look at these bargain snowflake decorations I bought. They will look fantastic hanging from my stairway rails. Well, at least I hope so. Each string is about 2 meter long, so by cutting those into the needed length, you can also decorate the ceiling or entrance for about 2 pounds! I guess, I will do it tomorrow and post the pictures later.

One of the important areas left is the festive table decor. I bought fantastic Christmas placemats from TK Maxx last year. By the way, it's my favorite for some of the centerpiece decorations I got in my place. I wish we had more of these in the UK similar to the US where they have not only TJ Maxx, but Marshalls, Roses etc. Well, with the limited selection in London and being a bargain hunter, I always have Ebay and Amazon to cover the gap. But, I had some really interesting finds in Primark, Lidl and Poundshops too! I guess, one doesn't need to be a millionaire to have a perfectly decorated home! 

This year I will be celebrating with my kids, so I thought I need to make my festive table a little bit less formal and more child friendly. So, I got a perfect addition for my TK Maxx placemats - these cute snowmen cutlery pockets! I promise you a picture of those on my table after the festivities are over. They were delivered from China but surprisingly it didn't take long for them to arrive at all. I bet, some crafty mama can make those herself. It can be a really fun project to do with the kids. Well, my future helpers can't even sit properly yet but take most of my time now, so I cheated and bought the ready made ones.


Ultimately, I didn't forget about myself - bought this fantastic vintage earrings and a pin set on Ebay for my festive photoshoot with the family! It's incredibly cute and the colors are so vibrant! Can't wait to wear them!


Wishing you all finding great bargains this festive season!

Next time we will cover my favorite subject - food!