My first post and welcome!


Well, here I am :)  Welcome to my blog dedicated to...for the lack of better word, let's say, home entertainment! Though wait, I do intend to cover parties outside as well: picnics etc. So, maybe, my site is dedicate to party planning. But do I plan everything really? With busy work schedule, twins etc? And is a romantic dinner for two really a party? Hmm, to be as broad as possible, I'd settle for a "site dedicated to having great time"!

Some might sigh "Oh no, one more site dedicated to food, really?!" Well, not exactly. I do agree  there are too much of food dedicated shows, books, sites etc, but, in my opinion, food is just one component of "Having Great Time".  Whether you are having a romantic dinner with your special one or have a bunch of friends for drinks,  perfect food doesn't guarantee your guests "Great Time". Indeed, you might have a perfect party which everyone will be recollecting for years, having served a collection of defrosted snacks from the nearest supermarket. It's not about the money either! How many of us attended a lavish wedding ceremony where no expenses were spared, only to find out one half of the guests bored to death and another half drunken to death. In fact, this site is intended more for average Janes and Johns who organize their parties themselves instead of hiring expensive catering or event planning agencies. 

So, what are the secrets of great home entertaining? Well, I will be glad to find out yours, if you don't mind sharing of course! Below I will be sharing my lessons and findings, failures and successes. Hopefully, we can learn from each other!

But first, let me share the key ingredients to "Having Great Time" I believe in.

2013-12-31 22.51.31.jpg

Whether it's a  dinner party, afternoon tea or picnic, there are 5 essential areas to cover: Preparation,  Atmosphere, Food, Drinks and Entertainment! Unless you are a superhero, it's usually difficult to ensure that each area will be fully covered and perfect. And if you really get serious about those, you might as well turn into Partydzilla and by the time of your special event be too tired and emotionally exhausted to actually enjoy it. So, my solution is to choose either one or two areas to really concentrate on, or, alternatively, one thing within each.

Christmas party lamb recipe.jpg

Otherwise, I call it "Talking Points"! Human beings have extremely limited memory capacity :), they either remember some things really bad or great things, and usually over time great things push out the bad memories.


So, you might serve some average food, but have great party decor and entertainment, and all your guests will recollect in couple of months will be what a fantastic time they had. Or, alternatively, most of your food might be some supermarket snacks, but you spent couple of hours on the masterpiece main dish and dessert and, trust me, over time everyone will be recollecting what a great cook you are! I once had a party which has been remembered for years by my colleagues and friends and it usually starts like "Remember this fantastic project-end party with a crazy pig made out of potato and honey vodka shots!". Give something  really great to people to talk about during and after the party and all other small mistakes and imperfections will be probably forgotten!

Anyway, now this blog post turns into some sort of boring lecture. So, I will stop here. I will try to cover all the areas in my further posts. Especially, considering that winter festive party season started! So, we can share tips and recipes of fantastic time while preparing for our Christmas and New Year celebrations!

Looking forward to having fun!