Golden Apron Background

Hello, my name is Galyna and I am the owner of this site. I came up with the idea of creating the web-site dedicated to home entertaining and parties long time ago, but with my very demanding job could hardly find time for the actual entertaining! Over a year I tried to generate some good database of the related content and started to create this web-site as my hobby. I am a complete novice to the whole thing and wanted it to be perfect with the right design and imagery, so I took my time to learn things etc.

And, then...I got pregnant! With my complicated  twins pregnancy, web-site building was put down at the bottom of my priorities list. Couple of months later when my newborns finally started to sleep through the night and gave their mommy some spare time, I found out that I forgot to renew some of the services with my former platform provider and here we go - months of work, carefully designed pages and entered content were lost, because, apparently they are not stored for more than 30 days :( I guess, I was spoiled by Flickr which kept my content for a year, though I didn't renew my premium package with them. Anyway, here I am, finding myself having to start everything from scratch again. And, unfortunately, now I have even less time on my hands. So, apologies, but this time I had to start with something rather basic and decided that the blog will be the right format to do so. As a non-professional novice, I can't make this site to be very sophisticated, but hope people would appreciate it for the content and experience sharing opportunities.

About myself

I am fortunate to live an exciting and unpredictable life of an expat. Indeed, over last 10 years I happened to live and work in more than 5 countries.  My circle of communication has been gradually expanding and, now, includes the very diverse crowd of globally minded people coming from different backgrounds, mentalities, religions, cultures and, of course, with different cuisine heritages. So, for example, when I prepare a food list for my next party, I need to think of vegetarian options, egg-free dishes and use halal meat where possible.  On the other side, I have a benefit of absorbing different cultures of home entertainment and different cuisines. It has been great and continuous learning experience for me!  

Unfortunately, one of the recent trends that emerged in many countries is that people tend to have home parties less and less. This happens for different reasons: time, money, availability of other options (eating out etc). But, in my opinion, nothing compares with the intimacy of having people in your house.  I truly believe that one will have a totally different and special relationship with a person who shared some food and drink with him/her at their place.

Sometimes, people tend to not invite people to their places because they are just perfectionists by nature. For them home entertaining means: perfect food, perfect décor, lots of money and time spent, well - a huge headache! But, trust me, good home entertaining is not a rocket science.  One doesn’t need to be a perfect cook, be rich or have a big house for his guests to enjoy their time at his place. Indeed, many of my parties happened in tiny spaces of rented accommodation in Europe and my landlords still were happy with me as their tenant :) With a bit of imagination and some shortcuts, I am going to share with you, home entertaining will be as pleasurable for the host as for his guests. It might never be perfect but always appreciated!

As you might have understood already, English is not my first language, so I apologize in advance for any mistakes made and welcome corrections sent through our contacts and feedback form. Also, I would kindly ask to be patient with me, I am just starting, but I promise that the content will expand in the future and I will keep updating our features etc. I welcome all additional contributions and comments, as soon as they remain constructive and polite and avoid any derogatory or offensive remarks.  I hope you will find something useful on my web-site and looking forward to learning something from you too!